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2015 Holiday Blend (Coffee Review 93pt)
It is about the season! Our special holiday blend is back. This year we are bringing you a sweet, floral and fruited blend to celebrate the gathering with family, friends and colleagues. The blend composes of one Ethiopian washed bean from west Ethiopia area, Agaro and one Ethiopian dry processed bean from Konga, Yirgacheffe area. It is a bright fruit/floral forward coffee with long sweet aftertaste. Hope you will enjoy the holiday blend this year!

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kela Kochere (SOLD OUT)
This "phenomenal" wet process lot is from Alemu station in Kochere region of Yirgacheffe, with farm altitudes between 1900 to 2100 meters. It is a honey sweet and fruited cup.  The cup shows multiple layers of fruit tones (sweet lime, mandarin orange as well as sweet floral notes. One of best washed Yirgacheffe we cupped this year!

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dry Process Konga
This was a top-scoring dry-processed coffee we selected early in this harvest season, sen
t to Coffee Shrub by a private washing station owner in the region. This fabulous dry process lot is from the station in Konga region of Yirgacheffe, with farm altitudes between 1900 to 2100 meters. It is both potent, fruit forward and quite refined as well. very very clean and elegant DP beans - peach jam, sweet spices, and honey. 

Ethiopia Ninety Plus Kemgin W2  
The astonishing Kemgin is returned! Wet processed Ethiopia Heirloom varietal from boutique Ninety Plus Coffee. This year's new corp shows same superior cup quality compared to last year. Lemon, jasmine floral, light ginseng, subtle ginger, wild strawberry. (2012-13 corp: Coffee Review 96pts)

Ethiopia Ninety Plus Hachira N2  (CR 95pt, SOLD OUT)
Dry processed Ethiopia Heirloom varietal from boutique Ninety Plus Coffee. Inspired by the Ninety Plus Aricha selections developed with S.A. Bagersh from 2006-2008, Hachira coffees are juicy and floral, commonly with concentrated blackberry fruits, sometimes with basil-like herbal notes. The mixed Heirloom beans were grown in Gedeo, Yirgacheffe region with Ninety Plus specialty N2 process (refined natural process). With light roasted profile, we cupped very complex layers of fruits, floral. This year's Hachira is so superior that we decided to carry it to replace the Nekisse that we order in the past couple of years.

Ethiopia Ninety Plus Nekisse "RED" N2 
$70/12oz or $40/6oz 
Originally named as “Nectar from Shakisso” in 2009, the Nekisse profile is defined by creamy mouthfeel and heavy berry jam favor, but layers of citrus and many tropical fruits can be present in some selections. Nekisse Red comes from a very limited selection of Nekisse with only the most ripe coffee cherry picked. It shows additional passion fruit and cocca butter in the cup than classic Nekisse. This is firstever Level 39 of Ninety Plus Ethiopia selection. It is a bit pricey but totally worthwhile!  (2013-14 corp: Coffee Review 95pts)

one 12oz valved bag

one 12oz valved bag



Kenya Katundu Karinga
Karinga wet mill is located near Gatundu town, in the province of Thika.
Karinga is part of Gitwe Farmer's Cooperative Society who serves four villages in the area and has built a membership of over 900 producers since beginning in 1983.
This outstanding beans shows a quintessential Kenya stlye flavors - grape candy and depth of sweetness. Light roast shows nice acidity of citrus as well as tea like long aftertaste, while slightly darker roast shows a well balanced bittersweet cocoa note.

Kenya Nyeri Karogoto  (Coffee Review 93pt)
Fabulous Nyeri Kenyan is back! Karogoto is part of Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS). The crop this year shows bursting fresh fruit flavors, delicate citrus-like florals with very bright note. Light roast shows Apricot, raw sugar, lemon with silky mouth feel. The aftertaste is filled with blackcurrant, lemon and black tea.


Rwanda Kivu Kibuye
/12oz  (SOLD OUT)
Amazing corp from award winning Gitesi station in
Kibuye valley near Lake Kivu. This lot was built from several exceptional batches in the middle of harvest. Attractive aroma of floral, caramel butter, and honey scent. Light roast shows distinct mandarin orange and refined sweetness in the cup with complicated caramel flavor in the darker roast. Also suitable for SO in the Full City roast.


Guatemala Acatenango Gesha (SOLD OUT)
One of our favorite and affordable Gesha came back! A superb and typical Gesha profile from Guatemala - floral scents, layers of fruit note, intense sweetness. The Dry fragrance is loaded with dried flowers and tropical fruits. The cup shows strong honey sweetness with intense floral notes when it cools down. Very balanced body and acidity. light-medium degree of roast is recommended.



Panama Ninety Plus
Gesha Estate - Perci "RED" N2 
This fantastic and amazing Gesha coffee was produced from Ninety Plus Gesha Estate in Volcan, Panama. The name Perci is derived in part from the word “perspective”, a single uni?ed awareness from sensory processes while a stimulus is present. Perci Red comes from a very limited selection of 90+ best Perci Estates with only the most ripe coffee cherry picked. This is a dry-processed or "natural" version of the Gesha, meaning the beans were dried inside the fruit rather than after the fruit has been removed. The dry aroma is extraordinary complex including sharp cherry, honey, peach, red grape, floral etc. The cup shows complex layers of fruits, floral and sweetness. This coffee should please everyone. Light roast only.
(2013-14 corp: Coffee Review 95pts)

one 12oz valved bag

one 6oz valved bag

Panama Ninety Plus Gesha Estate - Juliette H2 
This fantastic and amazing Gesha coffee was produced from Ninety Plus Gesha Estate in Volcan, Panama. In NPGE, there is a beautiful row of plants called Datura. In early evening, these bell flowers emit a compelling fragrance that only lasts an hour or so. The name Juliette was derived
from the bean's delicate, feminine taste profile focused NP gangs' minds on Datura flowers and on the iconic character from Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet. This is a honey processed version of the Gesha. The dry aroma is extraordinary complex including orange peel, honey, cedar. The cup shows complex layers of fruits, floral and sweetness. This coffee should please everyone.


Costa Rica Yellow Honey San Marcos - Arracache
17/12oz (SOLD OUT)
This nice/clean yellow honey processed Red Catuai is produced from Arracache farm located in San Marcos de Tarrazu. The cup is sweet an
d full of fruit flavors. A very clean cup especially for honey-processed coffee.


Peru Organic Puno
$15/12oz (SOLD OUT)
light roast shows red apple-like acidity
, honey, sweetness, lemon tart in the cup. Smooth and flavor saturated mouthfeel. (Coffee Review: 92pts)


Bolivia Organic Buenavista
$15/12oz (SOLD OUT)
dark chocolate
, mild fruit flavor shown in the medium roast with long and complex aftertaste (coffee Review: 93pts)



Brazil Dry Process Fazenda Furnas
8/12oz (SOLD OUT)
Fazenda Furnas located in the Pedralva region of Carmo de Minas. The climate in the region is suitable for producing naturals (dry process). This lot from Fazenda Furnas has fruited notes combined with very complex and rounded sweetness in the cup. The dry fragrance is full with caramel, milk chocolate, and dry fruits. This bean works well from light-medium (for brew applications) to medium as SO espresso.



Java Sunda - Gunung Tilu
is our first time to carry coffee from Java! This coffee is a regional blend from the mountain peak ( peak is called "Gunung") of Tilu in West Java. This lot is wet process which leads to very clean cup. The fragrance is so sweet smelled as cane juice with sweet citric notes. The cup demonstrates lemony sweetness, citrus and brown sugar. The flavors emerge to black tea with lemon when cup cools. This bean is versatile for both light roast to SO.

Sumatra Lake Toba Peaberry (CR 94pt, SOLD OUT)
This is a peaberry preparation of the Lintong-area coffee in Sumatra, the island that is politically and geographically part of Indonesia. Lintong coffees are farmed by the Batak peoples that are the indigenous tribe that works the coffee in this area.This is atypical wet-hulled Sumatra coffee. The cup is so clean and sweet with muted earthy note. The cup is full of dried fruits, brown sugar, and herbs note with long and sweet aftertaste.