Single-Origin Roasted Coffee Offering (Whole Bean Only)
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2021 Spring-Summer Offering List

Ethiopia Sidama Hamasho Village Natural -18/12oz
Sweet and perfumed fruited note with berry, tropical fruit, floral notes

Ethiopia Keramo Niguse Gemeda Natural -28/12oz
Flowery berry-bomb, super complex, syrupy and refined aftertaste
Auction-winning lot from Ethiopia’s first ever Cup of Excellence competition!  Must Try! 

Ethiopia Guji Uraga Yabitu Washed -18/12oz (SOLD OUT)
Floral jasmine, syrup sweetness, grape hint, black tea with lemon

Ethiopia Anaerobic Yirgacheffee Natural (by Ardent Coffee) -25/12oz
delicate and complex flavors. Not typical natural, must try!

Ethiopia Anaerobic Guji Washed (by Ardent Coffee) - 25/12oz
delicate and complex flavors. Not typical Guji washed, must try!

Kenya Nyeri Kiruga AA -22/12oz
citrus lemon tea, brown sugar, floral

Sumatra Barokah "Washed" -20/12oz
smooth, tangy, caramel sweetness; clean cup, not typical wet-hulled Sumatra

Colombia Nariño San Pedro Washed -20/12oz
One of the best Colombia we tasted this year. honey, crispy apple, cheery fruit scent, perfumed floral and long after taste

Colombia Palestina Aguazul Pink Bourbon Washed -18/12oz
chocolate sweetness, malic citric, syrupy mouthfeel and aftertaste

El Salvador Apaneca Las Ninfas Pacamara Natural -20/12oz
honeyed and fruity sweetness; syrupy aftertaste 

Guatemala Chimaltenango Buena Vista Washed -18/12oz
chocolate, mild acidity, buttery and honey sweetness

Honduras Guascotoro Ubaldo Gonzalez Honey -18/12oz
fruit sugar, mild metallic acidity, creamy finish

Panama La Esmeralda Gesha Special Lino 81S  Washed  -80/12oz | 40/6oz
One of the best award winning La Esmeralda Special washed microlot Gesha we cupped this year. Must try! 
Panama La Esmeralda Gesha Private Collection Natural -60/12oz
One of the best award winning La Esmeralda natural Gesha we cupped this year. Must try!

Ninety Plus Panama Gesha Lycello Washed -75/12oz | 40/6oz
Jasmine floral, milk chocolate, tea

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