Papa Lin picked up coffee roasting while he attended U.C. Berkeley to pursue his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering, thanks to the  geographical proximity to the famous Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting. He first roasted coffee using the 100-gram capacity FR 8+, migrated to Gene 3-D half-pound roster, and currently roasts high quality specialty green bean using 1 lb drum roaster made in Taiwan. Papa Lin enjoyed investigating the numerous flavors found in various coffee cherries from all over the world. He is a big fan of exotic East African beans.

Our roasting philosophies are:
  • Profile-on-Demand: Everyone has their own taste! All green beans are roasted via customized curve to match your imagination of good coffee. (several iterations needed)
  • We roast after receiving order: Fresh is the key
  • Roasted from high quality special green bean w/ additional hand-picking before/after roast to get rid of the defects

Cupping Ninety Plus samples

Dry Process Ethiopia Green Bean